Embracing New Families
With Education & Support

The Pregnancy Resource Clinic is proud to offer comprehensive childbirth education for pregnant women and their partners! As a non-profit organization, we provide these classes free of charge to teen or single mothers and families facing unexpected pregnancies. We hope that you will discover how our classes can help you have a more confident pregnancy, birth, and parenting experience.

Our Clients Say

“The instructors were realistic about labor, teaching varied techniques and options to help the moms and dads make informed choices along the way, to trust themselves and to be flexible with however their labor goes.” – Jenny

“Before I came to class I felt somewhat comfortable about birth and baby care but now I feel confident, even excited! Our instructor made us feel normal for being ill-at-ease and was down-to- earth while doing it.” – Ava

“I was having a hard time adjusting to my new role as a pregnant woman, especially because I felt so tired and nauseous and still had to go to school. The classes helped me feel excited and informed. This program is fun!” – Melissa
“The descriptive classes have increased my awareness and I feel that I will be a better coach during this birth. The instructor made me feel as though I was important and I liked the interactive style of learning about birth.” – Celia

A Community Resource

As a ministry of the Pregnancy Resource Clinic, we provide a comprehensive childbirth and parenting education program at no cost to our attendees. We serve teen, single, and mothers who are facing unplanned pregnancies. There are no income requirements, no application process, and no verification process. Every family deserves quality education.

No Cost, High Quality

Our curriculum is developed by experienced educators and is based on the latest research. All of our instructors have received comprehensive training and most are certified in labor support or childbirth education by internationally recognized childbirth organizations Lamaze and International Childbirth Education Association.

Earn While You Learn

We know having a baby can get really expensive. When you attend an Expecting Miracles class, you earn credit to spend on clothing, diapers, supplies, and furniture in our Baby Boutique.

Upbeat, Not Uptight

These ain’t your mama’s childbirth classes! Learning about babies and birth should be fun and engaging. We think if you enjoy coming to class, you will learn more and feel prepared for the challenges ahead of you. In addition, whatever your situation is, we want you to feel comfortable and at home in our classroom. Many women come with the dad-to-be; others come with family members or friends.