Expecting Miracles Childbirth Classes

The Pregnancy Resource Center in Everett, WA is proud to offer a comprehensive childbirth education for pregnant women and their partners! As a non-profit organization, we provide these classes as a free community service to teen or single mothers and those facing unexpected pregnancies. We hope that you will discover how our classes can help you have a more confident pregnancy, birth and parenting experience.

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"The descriptive classes have increased my awareness and I feel that I will be a better coach during this birth. The instructor made me feel as though I was important and I liked the interactive style of learning about birth." - Celia > Read More!

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"I thought the classes were a waste of time before I came to one. They helped me understand a lot and get a chance to ask questions. I liked my instructor; she knew alot and could put things into terms that were easy to understand." - James > Read More!

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"I have learned a lot of things I didn't know and it has helped me make more informed decisions. Each class provided me with a little more insight on what was reality and what wasn't. The teacher made me feel comfortable and like we could discuss anything." - Rebecca > Read More!